Quality is paramount in any production facility and at ABS this is no exception.

At the core of the quality system is the HACCP (Hazard Analsyis & Critical Control Points) where the team under the leadership of Nicolas Tooulou, have defined the risks and critical control points associated with food safety and manage those risks on a daily basis throughout the whole process. ABS is currently BRC and Organic/bio certified.

Modern technology plays an integral role in this process through the use of state of the art equipment & machinary.

A wine scan,  ATP metrics and integrity testers assist the laboratory technicians to complete their tasks to the highest degree.

An automatic filtraton system (3 stage filtraton Palete) provide the highest quality level of filtration prior to entering the filling stages.

Our modern monoblock rinsing, filling & closure station provides the best possible conditions for filling wine.  The filling valve designed for Oxygen pick-up protection and the CIP tray system all work together to provide maximum quality to the finished product.

– UV sterilizer for water rinsing of empty bottles and a nitrogen Generator all help to ensure the highest level of quality.